Helpful Tips: Rhythm Drills

Rhythm reading is just like any other skill – the more you practice, the better you get.  Check out these fantastic rhythm practice drills on Vic Firth’s website – with both sheet music and audio tracks, you can hear when you’re making mistakes and fix them right away.

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Fun Flute Music: Ian Clarke Sunstreams

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How it’s Made: The Flute

Ever wonder how a professional flute is made?  Here’s a video!

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Stretches: Yoga for opening the shoulder and chest muscles

As flute players, we spend a lot of time putting strain on our muscles. Here is a video to help work the knots out and get your circulation flowing to your fingers again!

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Free Flute Sheet Music to Download and Print!

We’ve posted some flute duets and trios on the website; visit this link to download-play-listen to the music.


We will be adding more, so check back often.


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Technique Challenge: New Prizes!

We’ve got new prizes in the box!  The next student to finish a technique level gets first choice of the desktop drum set, the Timeline trivia game, slide whistles, invisible ink pens or colour-changing markers.  Can’t wait to see who it is!


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Great Music (Choir): Eric Whitacre

I have always loved choir music.  Especially a capella choir music.  The harmony of spirit created when singing (or playing) with others is one of the best feelings in the world – flying, floating, free falling, together.

Eric Whitacre has taken this sense of community to a new level with his virtual choirs – people from all over the world recorded themselves and submitted their videos.  The clips were then stitched together to form, well, this:

and this:

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