Fun Flute Music: Ian Clarke Sunstreams

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How it’s Made: The Flute

Ever wonder how a professional flute is made?  Here’s a video!

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Stretches: Yoga for opening the shoulder and chest muscles

As flute players, we spend a lot of time putting strain on our muscles. Here is a video to help work the knots out and get your circulation flowing to your fingers again!

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Free Flute Sheet Music to Download and Print!

We’ve posted some flute duets and trios on the website; visit this link to download-play-listen to the music.


We will be adding more, so check back often.


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Technique Challenge: New Prizes!

We’ve got new prizes in the box!  The next student to finish a technique level gets first choice of the desktop drum set, the Timeline trivia game, slide whistles, invisible ink pens or colour-changing markers.  Can’t wait to see who it is!


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Great Music (Choir): Eric Whitacre

I have always loved choir music.  Especially a capella choir music.  The harmony of spirit created when singing (or playing) with others is one of the best feelings in the world – flying, floating, free falling, together.

Eric Whitacre has taken this sense of community to a new level with his virtual choirs – people from all over the world recorded themselves and submitted their videos.  The clips were then stitched together to form, well, this:

and this:

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Adult Learners: Why is this so hard?

Many adults have wanted to play an instrument for a long time, but get frustrated when they start lessons.  The mental image they brought to the lesson (picking up the instrument and immediately being ready to play on stage at Carnegie) crumbles as the teacher says, Today, you will learn (hopefully!) how to create a noise…

The stark contrast between the expectation and the reality is enough to make many people give up before really even starting.  Who wants to be spending time on Hot Cross Buns when you were dreaming of playing the solo in Stairway to Heaven or Pachelbel’s Canon at full speed by the end of the week?

Here are a few tips to help you through those first lessons so you will be able to play those pieces you’ve been dreaming about.

Think about your expectations

Unrealistic expectations can be a big source of personal frustration.  With that in mind, celebrate each small success you have.  Did you find the correct note on the piano the first time?  Hurray!  Remember the right fingering for F on the flute?  Yippee!  Switch from C to D without dropping the instrument?  Well done!

Understand that you’re in micro-muscle training

Learning to play an instrument is a lot like doing small-muscle sports training.  Just as you wouldn’t expect to get a perfect score on the uneven bars in gymnastics the first time you try, or sink every basket in your first 50 throws of the ball, it takes time to learn the muscle coordination necessary to master an instrument.  Just keep trying until you can get it every time.

Know what you want to accomplish

Do you have a piece or kind of music that you really want to be able to play?  Do you want to join a community band or orchestra?  Do you want to be able to accompany friends or family or play with your church choir?  Knowing what your goals are will help your teacher tailor your lessons to fit your agenda so you get there faster.  If your goal is to play traditional Irish music in a session, there is no point in working on third-octave orchestral excerpts!

Play the music that you love

…even if it means asking your teacher to make it easier so you can.  Flute parts can be written in new keys or lower octaves to make them more approachable.  Piano music can be arranged with fewer notes so it isn’t so overwhelming.  We can make it happen!

And remember that we’ve all been there!

No matter how accomplished we are now, we’ve all been in your shoes and understand what you’re going through!  The rewards of being able to play your music are worth it, so stick with it – I can’t wait to see what you accomplish!

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